Your partner for acoustic irradiation., illuminition., stage., installation.

We rent the right technology.

We take care of the planning, take over the assembly and dismantling, transport and support the complete event.

Whats the meaning of "LEOMON"?

Its a new word with parts from the first name of the founder pantaLEOn and siMON.

The team of Leomon

Our steps

We provide your plan whenever you want.

01 Idea

Every event starts with an idea. We can help you in this first step.

02 Plan

A succussful event based on a strong planning. We stand by you

03 Offer

Based on the plan we make an offer. Nonbinding and individual.

04 Party

After confirmation we take care about the conversion and be present at your event.

Products / Sections

In a lot of sections we can support and relieve you in your event.


A event without music? What about music without sound? Thats what we want.


Light in all colours. For a unique athmosphere. Whereever you want.


The right frame for your artists. Be proud.


The top over your guests. With and without light. In different styles.

Power structure

For bigger events we plan the structure of power. Make sure the cocktails stay cold and the food hot.

Installation / Repair

We also install for eternity. If a device break up - we could help.


Open Air
  • Augsburger Sommernächte
    Königsplatz 2017
  • Augsburger Sommernächte
    Königsplatz 2017
  • Augsburger Sommernächte
    Königsplatz 2017
  • Kirchen Illumination
    Augsburg 2016
  • Augsburger Sommernächte
    Königsplatz 2017
  • Sundown Festival
    Flughafen Augsburg 2016
  • Sundown Festival
    Flughafen Augsburg 2016
  • Sundown Festival
    Flughafen Augsburg 2016
  • Wiesnkönige
    Dachau 2016
  • Wiesnkönige
    Dachau 2016
  • EM Public Viewing
    Weilheim 2016
  • Hüttengaudi
    Weilheim 2016

Feel free to visit us or contact our team to meet you.

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